Oct 26, 2015

The 2015 Tour de Bois is now over and I’m back home. It was a great ride from Griffith to Mudgee, chalking up nearly 700 km.

My running has taken a back seat to the cycling this ten days, but this week I’ll be getting back into it in a big way. I have just three weeks before leaving for the Icarus Ultrafest in Florida. And it’s less than four weeks until I compete in the 12 hour race. I’ll be doing another really long run this week, possibly even tomorrow.

The photo below was taken on Friday night, where the Tour de Bois band was performing in a pub in Gulgong – very low key but another enjoyable evening.

IMG_3918 (2)


On This Day


Oct 26, 2012

Distance today = 48.75 km; Total distance = 13,711.01 km; Location = Wakefield, Rhode Island – 41 26.011′ N, 71 29.016′ W; Start time = 0819, Finish time = 1547


Chook ran the first 25 km with me this morning – the furthest he has ever run. But there was action before that.

After only about one kilometre, while we were looking at an old house, we crossed paths. I clipped Chook’s heels and came a cropper. As I fell, my nose had a very firm encounter with Chook’s elbow. As some have experienced on the rugby field, when Chook goes the elbow, the other guy always comes off second best. The next thing I knew, I was lying dazed and confused on the road, with Chook saying “C’mon, we’ve gotta get you off the road”. There was claret flowing from my nose, but only some minor grazes from the road.

Anyhow, I recovered quickly and enjoyed running with Chook as we crossed over from Connecticut to Rhode Island, the 24th US state of the run so far.

Tonight we’re staying in Newport, RI, former home of the America’s Cup. We’re at the Jailhouse Inn, a great little hotel I’ve stayed at a few times before. Tune in tomorrow for a report on tonight’s activities. It could be a big one.