Oct 6, 2016

Despite taking it easy this week, I strained my right calf this morning. It’s really weird. As soon as I vary my routine – in this case, reducing mileage and intensity – some muscle seems to pack it in. I’m not too worried. Calf strains are a dime a dozen and relatively easy to heal with a bit of rest. I have no events on the immediate horizon to train for, so I can continue to take it easy until the calf is better.

This photo was taken on my 51st birthday in Santa Barbara. I really enjoyed the two days we spent there. In fact, I really enjoyed all of California, both the running and the social occasions. The scenery is spectacular, the ambience is perfect, and there’s always something interesting to do or see.




On This Day


Oct 6, 2016

Distance today = 52.20 km; Total distance = 12,741.37 km; Location = Canandaigua, NY – 42 52.041′ N, 77 13.753′ W; Start time = 0811, Finish time = 1612


The first half of today was again along the Erie Canal, but the second half was on busier roads. Well, I guess I can’t have it perfect all the time.

It was pretty cold today, and tomorrow is supposed to be colder again. It was the first day since before summer that I’ve worn a long sleeve top. And I had a rain jacket on at times too.

I finished in the town of Canandaigua – a really nicely presented town, with sidewalks that are a pleasure to run on, compared to those in the mid-west towns I’ve been running through over the past few months.

Tomorrow I continue to head south-east through New York State.