Oct 8, 2020

I mentioned on Monday that I was thinking of a longer time trial for today. This morning I settled on 5 km as the distance. The last time I ran 5 km was on July 16, clocking 21:19. I was happy to stop the clock today at 20:25 (4:00, 4:07, 4:08, 4:12, 3:58). It’s a very different effort that’s required over 5 km compared to 1 km or 1500 m. And the easier week so far didn’t have me feeling any fresher, unfortunately. But I have to be pleased, having run the distance almost a minute faster than last time.

The photos for today illustrate what a beautiful region upstate New York is for running, particularly as it was Autumn at the time. I also ran though an Amish area on this day in 2012, passing several horse and buggies, two of which you can see here.