Sep 10, 2012

Distance today = 50.44 km; Total distance = 11,397.96 km; Location = Olive Hill – 38 18.273′ N, 83 09.554′ W; Start time = 0833, Finish time = 1609


It was a quiet day, as I made my way inexorably toward West Virginia. The road was very busy during the morning, but I managed to get on to a much quieter road for the afternoon leg. The weather was again mild, and I am finding running so much easier than in recent months.

These quieter roads are interesting. There are some very nice houses, both old and new, but also some really dilapidated places with people still living in them. In some cases, they are literally falling down. If they were in the city, I’m sure these houses would be condemned.

It’s amazing how smell is such a strong memory prompt. I am often transported back to occasions from my past when I get the whiff of a certain scent. Sometimes it’s very specific, other times it’s general. Today I experienced one of each. I am not sure what the actual smell was, but I suddenly found myself feeling like I did in 1976. It was weird, and difficult to explain exactly what I mean. The other instance was more precise. I ran past a woman who was wearing a perfume that instantly placed me in a covered walkway in my primary school in the late 60s. I assume a teacher back then was wearing that same scent. I really quite like these flashbacks, as it’s like re-living the occasion – almost like brief time travel.

PS The tracker is showing me about 20 km to the east of my actual position in Olive Hill.