Sep 12, 2013

Distance today = 31.05 km; Total distance = 26,221.08 km; Location = Tempe – 33 55.536’ S, 151 09.597′ E; Start time = 0825, Finish time = 1307


The weather was again spectacular, as I made my way within striking distance of the finish.

I was met at the start by a variety of people. Running with me were Chook, Rob, and Wayne, who have flown over from NZ to run the final few days with me, along with Don, who acted as support crew today (Carmel was there early on, but headed home to attend to some necessary issues). Kate also ran with me again, as did Peter, representing my sponsor, Asia Pacific Digital.

I was also joined by several of the Tour de Bois, including Mother, Robbo, Duane, Bill, Dave C, Stuart, and Kenny. They gave me a bicycle escort for a while. Bernie and Leslie also dropped by.

We passed by Klitty’s factory and dropped in to say hello. Kate left us at the 16 km mark, and the rest of the morning was spent running into the inner city. I finished the day just after 1 pm.

Tomorrow will be a short day, and I will be arriving at the Sydney Opera House at 1 pm. Come along and join us, both there and at the Clovelly Hotel afterwards for celebrations. And if you’re up early,  have a look at the Today Show around 7:13 am tomorrow morning.