Sep 13, 2012

Distance today = 52.58 km; Total distance = 11,552.80 km; Location = Dunbar – 38 21.519′ N, 81.44.333′ W; Start time = 0814, Finish time = 1623


For some reason, I had a bad night’s sleep, and woke feeling tired. But it wasn’t too bad a day in the end. I reached the milestone of 6,000 miles run in the US.

Half way through the day, Carmel pulled over ahead of me, waiting to give me a drink. She had stopped among workers who were picking up rubbish on the side of the road, and hopped out to take photos. It turned out she had plonked herself right in the middle of a group of female prisoners from a maximum security jail. The women were on inmate road patrol. The female guard in the van behind was checking Carmel out keenly. I’m sure she thought Carmel was trying to “spring” one of the prisoners. She probably had her gun at the ready, in case.

Later, I noted a historic marker indicating an archaeological site where pre-historic locals had lived around 10,000 BC – right on that spot. I have also been enjoying all the Civil War historic markers. There have been hundreds in recent weeks, pointing out a battle that occurred here, a battalion that had camped there, a general had held a meeting in this place, or an army had eaten breakfast in that place. Knowing these things took place on the ground on which I’m standing is quite surreal.