Sep 13, 2017

Back to some semblance of normality this week, with 53 km run in the first three days. I might even make it to 100 km in total for the week, which will be the first time since the Big Red Run.

And, for those who aren’t aware, today marks the 4th anniversary of the finish of my run around the world. Yes, it was four years ago today that I ran up the steps of the Sydney Opera House to conclude that 26,232 km challenge. Another little statistic – the vertical ascent component of the run was the equivalent of running from sea level to the top of Mt Everest a total of 25 times. I can’t believe I actually managed it.

So, to signify the occasion, here’s a photo from that day. It was quite intimidating having to deal with the media scrum. For a year and a half I’d been primarily running in remote locations. This was the antithesis of that.