Sep 16, 2013

As you can imagine, the celebrations on Friday night were monumental, with a very enjoyable time being had by all. Thanks to everyone who came along.

I’d also like to thank a few others, not least of which is my major sponsor, Asia Pacific Digital. Without them, the run would have been much harder, and less enjoyable for not only me, but those who followed the web site – it was the Asia Pacific Digital people who made it such a great site. And especially to Chairman, Roger Sharp, who also ran with me in NZ and Malaysia.

Thanks also to the many people who contributed along the way. There are far too many to list here, but I would like to mention Chook, and his brother Don, for lending us cars in NZ and the US. And Julie, for the use of her car in WA, as well as Citroen for providing a car ‘at cost’ while I was running across Europe. Also, Jeff and Michael for spending a month with us on the Nullarbor. It would have been so much more difficult without them. And a really special thank you to Michael, for being the support crew at very short notice, during the period Carmel had to leave when her mother was sick. You saved the day, Ironbark.

Also, to all those who took time out from their lives to travel with us along the way – Libby, Roger, Christine, Tim and Katie, Jenny, Hannah, Grace, Don, Chook and Sylvia, Jo and Dave, Sue and The Hud, Debbie and Barry, Guen, Annie, Jane and Peter, Bill and Tony, Eric, Caroline and Tony (as well as for driving the support car to Port Augusta), Sue and Quinny, Reefton and Sarita, Lesley and Bernie, Karen and Michael, Kate, Tony and Sue, Richard, and anyone else who popped in for a day to run with me.

Finally, to Jimbo for his work with the maps for the web site, and other technical data issues along the way, and to Andrew Sloan for his help in converting news clips and other videos into a useable form for the web site.

But, the biggest thanks must go to Carmel, without whom, it would have been impossible for me to do this run. Hers was a contribution which covered the full gamut of support.

I’ve had a few quiet days over the weekend, beginning the process of getting back to normal life. I will continue to update the blog from time to time, but the more interesting writing will start soon – the book. However, before committing to such a task, I’d like to be sure a publisher is on board – I don’t want to take the publishing on myself. If there is anyone out there who can direct a publisher my way, please put them in touch with me.