Sep 19, 2014

I am now regularly running 10 km at a time, supplemented with the exercises suggested to me by running physio expert, Michael Bushell. The Achilles has been a touch sore the past couple of days, but that’s simply a reaction to these dynamic exercises I’ve recently adopted.

Some very important information at the administrative level. A new international governing body for the sport of world running, the World Runners Association, is due to be established next month. It will be the authority that decides on the authenticity of world runs and ratifies world records in this class of athletic endeavour. Any book of records is then welcome to publish these records (though not decide on them).

The WRA is the organization that will, I’m expecting, officially ratify my run and grant me the world record for the Fastest Circumnavigation of the Earth on Foot. I’m hoping I’ll be able to officially announce this news some time in October. I also believe I will be the holder of the record for Oldest to Circumnavigate the Earth on Foot, though I won’t hold that title for long, with Tony Mangan due to finish his run late in October. I will keep you informed of developments as they come to hand.


On This Day


Sep 19, 2012

Distance today = 57.55 km; Total distance = 11,869.55 km; Location = Morgantown, West Virginia – 39 35.261′ N, 79 57.433′ W; Start time = 0843, Finish time = 1748


That was a great day of running!!! Perfect cloudless weather conditions, and stunningly beautiful scenery. Even going the wrong way for a few hundred metres (I’ve deducted 640 metres from the Garmin total) didn’t faze me.

It was a super hilly day, as evidenced by the 1,128 metres of ascent. That’s more than 10% of the height a jumbo jet flies at. And the hills were really steep. But I ran strongly throughout the day, which always helps me to enjoy the day.

Later in the day I passed a road sign which read Toms Run Road. Wow, and I didn’t even tell them I was coming.