Sep 19, 2016

Finished with 105 km last week. And this morning I did a hard hill session, one that I used to do back in my days of training for the Run to the Sun on Maui. It felt good to push a bit harder. In an hour or so I’ll be heading down to Melbourne to speak at the Spartans AGM tonight.

Yesterday I headed down to Centennial Park to watch some of the Sydney Marathon. Roughly 10 km of the race went through the park. It’s quite novel for me to see the leaders of an international marathon in the flesh. As usual, the front pack consisted of the ubiquitous Ethiopians and Kenyans, with a healthy smattering of Japanese runners near the lead as well. And then came the thousands of weekend warriors.

Here’s a photo from Colorado during the world run. You can pretty much see snow covered peaks from anywhere in the state. But down where I was running, it was just a perfect temperature.




On This Day


Sep 19, 2012

Distance today = 57.55 km; Total distance = 11,869.55 km; Location = Morgantown, West Virginia – 39 35.261′ N, 79 57.433′ W; Start time = 0843, Finish time = 1748


That was a great day of running!!! Perfect cloudless weather conditions, and stunningly beautiful scenery. Even going the wrong way for a few hundred metres (I’ve deducted 640 metres from the Garmin total) didn’t faze me.

It was a super hilly day, as evidenced by the 1,128 metres of ascent. That’s more than 10% of the height a jumbo jet flies at. And the hills were really steep. But I ran strongly throughout the day, which always helps me to enjoy the day.

Later in the day I passed a road sign which read Toms Run Road. Wow, and I didn’t even tell them I was coming.