Sep 25, 2017

I did manage to get to 100 km for last week, thanks to a couple of big days on Friday and Saturday. That’s two 100+ km weeks in a row now.

This morning I continued with my efforts at improving my speed. As part of a broader longish run, I ran a 200 metre hill with a 10% gradient in 48 secs, then 400 metres in 77.2 secs, followed by 200 metres in 36.8 sec. Not particularly fast, but adequate to maintain plenty of speed for the events I’m looking at for next year.

Staying with the NZ theme (this will thrill my NZ friends, including Paul MacDonald), here’s a scene from my world run taken on the North Island. I really can’t pinpoint where it was taken, though I think it was between Palmerston North and Taihape – a beautiful part of the world.