Sep 26, 2014

Sorry for the time between blog posts. Yesterday my web site was hacked, as many may have noticed when attempting to view the site. My world run sponsors, Asia Pacific Digital, managed to restore the web site, but I have only now regained access to the account that allows me to post blogs.

The improvement continues with my injury. Each day when I start running I am free of any pain for the first 400 metres or so. Then the Achilles aches for a little while, more like the ache of muscle fatigue – such as when your abdominal muscles ache after a hundred sit ups. If I stop for a few seconds, the ache goes away. After a few kilometres it pretty much all goes away and I can enjoy my run pain free. But each day this routine becomes a little less pronounced. Eventually I’ll be running entirely free of this intermittent ache. I’ve already run 80 km in five days so far this week, so I should expect some resistance from the injury.

There is a lot happening at the moment. As I mentioned earlier, the World Runners Association is due to come into effect on October 1. It will be great to see a single consolidated world governing body that sets the rules and oversees runs around the planet, as well as adjudicating on world records for such events. My fellow world runners and I very much welcome this initiative.

Also, the one hour ESPN documentary about my world run will go to air next Tuesday night (Sept 30) at 9 pm on the ESPN channel on cable TV here in Australia. It will air as part of the Aussies Abroad program. After the show has aired, I hope to be able to post a link on this blog so that those who missed it (including all those outside Australia) can watch it on line.

Today’s race from the past is a 3 km race on the track I did in 1990. A small pack formed at the front early. I tucked myself in, a little worried about the fast pace. Each lap seemed to get faster and faster, but I was feeling good and was still in touch with the pack. This was particularly pleasing, as most of those in the pack were runners who were usually well in front of me in races of this length.

When we reached the bell lap I was still in contention. Now I could come into my own, knowing I was a better sprinter than any of those just in front of me. Still, it doesn’t always turn out that way. But I hung on until 200 metres to go and started to kick. One guy went with me, but I pulled away decisively in the home straight, winning the race and setting a PB of 9:22, still my best to this day (and now always will be).


On This Day


Sep 26, 2012

Distance today = 54.13 km; Total distance = 12,231.80 km; Location = Franklin, Pennsylvania – 41 23.868′ N, 79 50.051′ W; Start time = 0803, Finish time = 1647
Not the best of days. The combination of steady rain for much of the day, coupled with rocky gravel roads, made for tough going. It was nice to get in and finish the day.

It was another long day, and very hilly again. The incessant steep hills are tiring me quite a bit. A single day of such hills would be OK, but weeks of it is wearing me down.

The leaves are now beginning to change colour. It won’t be long until the reds and yellows are as prevalent as greens.