Sep 27, 2013

Still enjoying the relative rest of 7 km per day, on average. The weather here in Sydney has been stunning, with cloudless days and temps well above normal for this time of year.

The 2013 Tour de Bois begins this weekend. After missing last year – the only tour I've missed in 26 years – I am looking forward to getting back out on the bike. I had a 5 km ride the other day to check that the bike still works OK, after being in hibernation for two years. Not much of a preparation, I must say, so I may suffer a bit for the first few days. Stay tuned for the next blog instalment, and a blow-by-blow account of my battle on the road with Reefton Humblewood. He sees me as vulnerable this year – his best chance ever for a victory.

The Oxfam donation total has passed $60,000, thanks to St Charles' school. The school's total alone now stands at almost $10,000. Great effort, particularly by Marcelle.

Below is a photo from my visit to a Rabbitohs training session last week. Bear  mind, I am 180 cm (5' 11'') tall – the boys make me look like a midget. If they win tonight, they will be playing in the club's first Grand Final since 1971.

With Souths Players