Sep 30, 2022

Just a quick update on my heel – I’m back to running up to an hour, but I still have my good and bad days. Sometimes it feels like it’s not getting better at all, and other days it’s the opposite. Today was actually a good day, which included my fastest kilometre since early January. However, yesterday was quite the reverse.

I’ve modified my shoes a little, and I’m hoping that will make a difference over a prolonged period. If, come January, I’ve made no real progress, I feel I will have just two options open to me. The first will be to have a complete break from running for two or more weeks. I’ll even wear an orthopaedic boot to discourage me from being tempted to run. After those few weeks I’ll reintroduce running very gradually. If the problem is still there after that time, I’ll move to the other option – surgery.

At least I feel I’m whittling down the possibilities now, exploring all options prior to taking the drastic one.