Sep 4, 2012

Distance today = 50.43 km; Total distance = 11,086.54 km; Location = Columbia – 37 09.166′ N, 85 18.509′ W; Start time = 0825, Finish time = 1640


More quiet back roads through nice forests, but it was super hilly. Not long hills, but some were very steep. The morning was overcast, but the afternoon saw the sun emerge – it got very hot and sticky.

I reached the town of Columbia and Carmel picked me up. Then we had an experience straight from the Prohibition days. You see, the local Taliban have banned the sale of alcohol in this and some of the neighbouring counties. While in the town’s Walmart, Carmel was informed there was a bootlegger in town and was given directions. After she picked me up, we found the joint – a modern day drive-thru speakeasy on the edge of town – and made some covert purchases. It was hilarious, with other “customers” all having a joke with each other as they bought what is supposed to be banned in town.

Looking ahead, if any friends have an interest in joining us in South America, we will be arriving in Santiago on Oct 31, where I will be running to Buenos Aires. If you are keen to accompany us, for any length of time, please let us know. There are plenty of highlights to be had, including the Andes and Mendoza region, the epicentre of the Argentinian wine country.

PS The tracker is showing me south of the town of Columbia, but my real run position is north of the town. This is because there is no T-Mobile coverage, so I have to use the hotel wireless to send a position.