Sep 9, 2022

The past world run posts from 2013 are getting closer to the end. Today sees me reaching the Pacific Ocean again, with just a little over a hundred kilometres to go to end at the Sydney Opera House. It was a hectic but enjoyable time, with lots of friends and family coming out to meet me on the road.

Sep 6, 2013


Distance today = 50.63 km; Total distance = 25,965.64 km; Location = Goulburn (10 km west of) – 34 47.482’ S, 149 37.157′ E; Start time = 0820, Finish time = 1549


I ran strongly today. Perhaps it’s because I’m getting closer to the end.

I managed to find a parallel road to the freeway – the Old Hume Highway. This got me into Gunning, and 30 km out as well. There was a cycling time trial being conducted on the road, which was an interesting change.

The final 10 km of the day was on the real freeway, finishing near the turn-off to Canberra. We’re staying in Goulburn, where we’ll catch up with Poddy tonight.

Richard is arriving as well, to run with me over the weekend. It should be a good couple of days, although tomorrow will be mostly freeway running – my least favourite type.


Sep 7, 2013


Distance today = 46.73 km; Total distance = 26,012.37 km; Location = Marulan – 34 42.452’ S, 150 02.774′ E; Start time = 0817, Finish time = 1553


Lots happening today. After a short run into Goulburn, I was joined by Richard and Barry. Barry and Debbie had surprised me last night by turning up in Goulburn – the first time we’ve seen them on the road since Istanbul – and we all had dinner with Poddy and Ann in town.

My cousin, Karen, also came down for a lightning visit today, running 10 km with us out of Goulburn. Poddy also joined in on his bike. It was all freeway running, but the time passed quickly as we ran as a group.

As we approached Marulan, my uncle and aunt, Alan and Nola, were waiting by the side of the road to surprise me, along with another cousin, Warren. It was nice to see them after many years.

I had to duck into a polling booth in Marulan, to vote in the Federal election, after which, I ran a short distance with Barry to conclude the day. I passed two milestones during the day – 26,000 km and 99% of the journey complete. Barry totalled 20 km today, and Richard 22 km.

It was a very warm day, apparently 29C in Sydney, so it appears we are well out of winter now. Tomorrow I’ll be heading along the Southern Highlands, getting ever closer to the coast.


Sep 8, 2013


Distance today = 46.12 km; Total distance = 26,058.49 km; Location = Moss Vale – 34 32.786’ S, 150 22.488′ E; Start time = 0825, Finish time = 1527


Although it wasn’t a big day in terms of distance, it certainly was in terms of visitors.

Karen was back early this morning, and I was soon also joined by Barry and Richard, with Carmel and Debbie acting as support crew. A little later, Greg Ellis from the Illawarra Mercury arrived. Besides the normal press duties, he also did some running with us.

While all this was happening, one of the Tour de Bois, Mother (remember, he is a middle-aged, balding man with a beard) and his wife, Liz, stopped by on their way south.

Barry, Deb, and Richard left us around 11 am, but soon after that, Kate returned for a 10 km stint into Bundanoon. From there, Karen and I continued on through Exeter to Moss Vale. Both Kate and Karen passed Sylvia’s aggregate record for girls of 70 km today. Kate is now on 71 km, and Karen is up to 84 km. Karen also set a new girls’ record for a single day, with 37 km.

I now have less than 200 km to run, before finishing at the Opera House at 1 pm on Friday. I’m hoping to see lots of old friends on the road as I run through the Illawarra on Tuesday. I can always be found via the tracker on the web site.


Sep 9, 2013


Distance today = 46.05 km; Total distance = 26,104.54 km; Location = Albion Park – 34 34.252’ S, 150 46.453′ E; Start time = 0814, Finish time = 1513


Another day full of visitors! I did an interview early on with ABC Illawarra as I headed across the Southern Highlands.

Soon after, I was surprised by a visit from Gregor MacFarlane and his father, John. I last saw Gregor in Newport, Rhode Island, in October last year. He was travelling up from Tasmania, and found me today via the tracker.

A little later, my cousin, Warren, stopped as he passed me on the road. I was then joined by Kate’s trainer, Matt, who ran with me for the rest of the day.

We passed through the town of Robertson, and soon after, I was met by an old school friend, Cindy Stevens, who was passing by. It was great to see so many people surprising me on the road via the tracker.

We then reached the Robertson Pie Shop, which Billy Connolly once described as having possibly the best pies in the world. Matt, Carmel, and I just had to have one each.

About one kilometre further on, I reached a spot on top of the escarpment, where I saw the Pacific Ocean for the first time on the run since Valparaiso in Chile late last year. It’s been nearly a year.

From there, we started the descent of Macquarie Pass – a 600 metre vertical drop, over eight kilometres. The quads might be a little sore tomorrow.

From the bottom of the pass, a quick 10 km then brought us to my finish for the day in Albion Park, where Kate picked up Matt. Carmel and I drove on to Barry and Deb’s, where we’re staying tonight, catching up with others as well.

Don’t forget, the finish is at 1 pm at the Opera House on Friday, and I’d love to see as many there as possible.