Dec 31, 2011

Distance today = 16.77 km; Total distance = 16.77 km; Location = Bondi Beach, Australia –  33 53′ 32.75″ S, 151 16′ 34.3″ E; Start time = 1423, Finish time = 1634.

A bit of a disaster at the start. I didn’t realise the Sydney Opera House would be shut down at 1:30 pm on New Year’s Eve, with the security guards refusing us entry to the steps themselves. We quickly adapted our plans and set off from the makeshift fence, which was adjacent to the Opera House anyway, so no great dramas for the run itself. Big Huddo accompanied me for this first stage, which passed quickly. The stage culminated with us dipping our feet in the South Pacific Ocean at Bondi Beach, on the edge of the Australian continent. A short but meaningful day. Up early in the morning for the flight to New Zealand and Stage 2. Stay tuned. And many thanks to all the friends and family who turned up at the start and finish. Tomorrow I might have time to write in paragraphs.