Sep 17, 2020

During my warmup this morning I decided to attempt 1500 metres in my weekly time trial. I naturally gave a bit of thought to the time I might do. It occurred to me that, should I run under 5:26, I’d …Continue reading

Sep 15, 2020

Yesterday’s speed work entailed another ‘down ladder’- this time 300m (55 sec), 200m (36 sec), 100m (17 sec), 50m and 25m (last two sprints were untimed). Interestingly, I recall a session of 3 x 300m I did back in 1984 …Continue reading

Sep 13, 2020

It’s seven years ago today that I finished my run around the world. To commemorate the occasion, below are a couple of TV news videos and numerous photos from the time. As you will see, there were more and more …Continue reading

Sep 10, 2020

On July 23 I ran a 2 km time trial in 7:49. I followed that up on August 6 with a 7:43. Today I tried the same distance, this time clocking a 7:24 (even splits of 3:42). I must be …Continue reading

Sep 7, 2020

This morning’s speed session was different to that of recent weeks. Instead of sprints on the track, I decided to so some hill sprints on the road. On this occasion I chose 3 x 200 metres up an 8% gradient. …Continue reading