Feb 17, 2020

Today’s speed session was a lap of Centennial Park, which I haven’t done for two months now. I purposely went a little easier than normal. The reason for the lap was to simulate the pace of the upcoming King Island …Continue reading

Feb 14, 2020

I did an interesting calculation yesterday. I was wondering how my personal best times for various distances compared with the corresponding world records. These days most people think of me as an ultra ling distance runner, but that’s not how …Continue reading

Feb 11, 2020

Yesterday’s foray into speed was more like it. I managed a 3:43 kilometre, and was comfortable enough that I just kept on jogging when I finished. I didn’t need to stop at all. In a couple of weeks (actually, on …Continue reading

Feb 8, 2020

Eight years ago today I was back in Sydney briefly, prior to heading to San Francisco to commence the North American leg of my run around the world. Below are some photos from the final days in NZ, including a …Continue reading

Feb 5, 2020

One thing I’ve noticed  lately is the drop in my average running pace, due to the heat and humidity of Sydney at this time of year. I’m about 40 seconds per kilometre slower than I was down on the Mornington …Continue reading