Apr 1, 2016

A 25 km run this morning took my total for the first five days of this week to 105 km. I think my base fitness will be fine for the 50 km later this month. It’s now just a matter of increasing my speed.

Readers may recall my crash on the bike in Mudgee three weeks ago. I landed on my right hip and ever since it’s been sore. However, it seems to have become even more sore, although I might be imagining that. At the very least, the soreness has not abated. A couple of informed opinions have suggested that I may have chipped a small bit of bone off the point of my femur. Anyhow, it’s only sore when I push on it, or when I roll on to my right side in bed. It doesn’t effect me at all when I’m running, so that’s a bonus.

Here’s a photo taken the afternoon I ran in the the French town of St Affrique. We’d been there a year and a half earlier on a cycling trip, staying at a lovely place called Domaine du Vern. We again stayed there on this occasion, catching up once more with hosts Laurence and Stephane.


Near St Affrique


On This Day


Apr 1, 2012

Distance today = 43.52 km; Total distance = 4351.75 km; Location = Cahone, Colorado – 37 39.196′ N, 108 48.495′ W; Start time = 0831, Finish time = 1501


The weather today was atrocious. I was greeted by a cold gale-force wind this morning, which was in my face all day. When trucks passed me, they would whip up a mix of small gravel rocks and dust, which would sting as they hit me at high speed. I’m glad I had planned a shorter day than usual, as the wind appeared to be increasing as the day progressed.

However, despite all this, I had a good day, both physically and mentally. And it was also only the second time I’ve run the whole day at over 2,000 metres in elevation. With all this altitude training, I reckon it won’t be long before I’m fit.

I am now in Colorado, although not for too long. In a few days time I will reach New Mexico, where I’ll run for the following week or two.

No photos today, as the excessive wind gusts made it difficult and dangerous for Carmel to be handling a heavy camera and trying to keep it still enough for the shots.


Apr 1, 2013

Distance today = 51.61 km; Total distance = 18,817.59 km; Location = Affecking, Germany – 48 54.376′ N, 11 53.763′ E; Start time = 0908, Finish time = 1735


Finally, we awoke to a genuinely sunny day. It was still reasonably cold, but it’s much better for one’s mood to see a bit of sun for a change.

Last night we were the only people staying in a hotel that had 85 rooms. We felt a bit bad, having staff working just for us. And for the first time since Lisbon, they were serving scrambled eggs for breakfast.

Unfortunately, there were not many cycle paths today. Most roads weren’t too busy, although I had the occasional “moment”. I did get to run through a very nice forest, although it too was on a road, and not a path or trail.

I always know when there is a MacDonald’s nearby, as I start to see their packaging strewn along the road. I don’t know what it is that makes people think it’s OK to throw their MacDonald’s rubbish out the window. As there was nothing else we could find open on this Easter Monday, we ended up having MacDonald’s for lunch too, but our rubbish went in to the bin.

There was one town I ran through today, Abensberg, that had some very interesting architecture. Have a look at the photos to see what I mean.

The new shoes are doing well. Pity they can’t stay new forever!