Apr 1, 2022

Two more videos today from my world run, one being a video call with the Today Show in Australia that I did from Germany late in the evening. I’m always amazed at how tired I look when I see this video. It was actually a combination of tiredness, along with windburn and ‘cold burn’ from running for days in sub zero temperatures. It temporarily changed the skin on my face to being red and saggy.



Mar 29, 2013


Distance today = 52.82 km; Total distance = 18,669.29 km; Location = Ried – 48 17.371′ N, 11 02.606′ E; Start time = 0841, Finish time = 1734


No dramas today – just a nice run, mainly on cycle paths, and I even saw a bit of sun.

It was a quite a hilly day. Each town was in a valley, and there was a steep rise on its eastern side. There was also a lot of forest to run through. With the sun out during the morning, it was relatively warm in the open, but still quite cold in the shade created by the forests. The afternoon was flatter, and the sun disappeared as well.

It’s such a different day when I can run on the cycle paths, without worrying about cars.

Carmel is developing a lot of RSI in her wrist from all the downloading, culling, editing, & uploading of her photography. There are also numerous other computer related activities connected with the website, so we decided to have a photo-free day. She often has to cull up to 600 photos per day, which is causing a problem. Hopefully a rest will alleviate the problem somewhat.


Mar 30, 2013


Distance today = 46.66 km; Total distance = 18,715.95 km; Location = Dachau – 48 15.828′ N, 11 28.436′ E; Start time = 0843, Finish time = 1628


Carmel looked out the window this morning and informed me it was snowing heavily – a great start to the day. And I had just gotten a new pair of running shoes ready. No-one likes to wear a brand new pair of shoes out in the mud and slush.

Anyhow, I took a deep breath and headed out into it, nicely attired in the new shoes. The old ones had done 2,115 km, since Burgos in Spain. It wasn’t so bad. The snow was light by then, and soon abated. The rest of the day was dry, except for some light drizzle right near the end.

It was a relatively flat day, and mainly on cycle paths again. Germany has more cycle paths than any other country I’ve been to – by far. Where there wasn’t a cycle path, it was usually a very quiet road.

During the morning I used Skype on my phone to make some calls. Firstly, I called Dave in the Coonabarabran Bowling Club, where he was watching the Dragons-Sharks match on the big screen. Next, I called the Ellsmore residence, which is always a tense place during a Dragons-Sharks game – the household is split between supporters of both teams. They even watch the game in different rooms. Debbie answered the phone, which was a good luck omen for her and her Dragons, as they promptly scored to put the game out of reach of the Sharks. Sorry Barry, you should have answered the phone.

Around lunch time, I ran past a camping ground we stayed at in 1986, on the outskirts of Munich. It was quite tranquil back then, nestled against a small lake. It still exists, but now has a sand mining operation right next door, and some sort of oil or gas refinery just a few hundred metres away. Sometimes it’s best to just stick with the memories.

It was a short day, due to a visit to the Dachau concentration camp at the end of the day. For those who don’t know, Dachau was the first Nazi concentration camp, originally set up to inter political prisoners. It ended up as one of the main camps that housed Jewish Holocaust victims. It is now a memorial and museum, and I would strongly recommend a visit to anyone who is in the Munich area. I won’t go into it too much here, but it’s worth mentioning a particularly poignant item I recall seeing here back in ’86. Above the ovens, where thousands of gassed Jews were incinerated in the early 1940s, was a photo of a Nazi book burning ceremony that had taken place a few years earlier. Alongside was perhaps one of the most prophetic quotes of all time, from German poet, Heinrich Heine, who lived a hundred years before any of this took place. He had said “When they start burning books, they’ll soon be burning people”.


Mar 31, 2013


Distance today = 50.03 km; Total distance = 18,765.98 km; Location = Wolnzach – 48 35.946′ N, 11 37.803′ E; Start time = 0844, Finish time = 1648


I’ve never experienced a white Christmas, but within the space of five weeks, I’ve experienced a white birthday and a white Easter. Yes, on awakening today, we discovered it had, yet again, snowed heavily overnight.

It was still snowing when I set off, and at one stage, it looked like a blizzard was setting in. Visibility was down to about 200 metres. However, the conditions improved, the temperature got above zero, and the snow started to melt. The day wasn’t too bad in the end.

I headed north from Dachau, through rolling hills, much of it on cycle paths. I’m glad the Germans have so many cycle paths, as the roads can be a bit dangerous otherwise.

I saw a few other runners – probably more in a one day than I’ve seen since New York City, when hundreds were training for the upcoming marathon. A few went past me in the same direction as I was running. Compared to me, they were flying.

Let’s see whether tomorrow brings more snow. The locals are saying it’s the latest winter in living memory. Maybe so for most of them – I did hear that it has been officially London’s longest winter in over 50 years. I’ve really picked the extreme seasons for this world run. It was the hottest summer ever recorded in the US mid-west when I ran through that region last year, and now the longest winter in Europe for a generation or two. At least I can say I didn’t have it easy.


Apr 1, 2013


Distance today = 51.61 km; Total distance = 18,817.59 km; Location = Affecking – 48 54.376′ N, 11 53.763′ E; Start time = 0908, Finish time = 1735


Finally, we awoke to a genuinely sunny day. It was still reasonably cold, but it’s much better for one’s mood to see a bit of sun for a change.

Last night we were the only people staying in a hotel that had 85 rooms. We felt a bit bad, having staff working just for us. And for the first time since Lisbon, they were serving scrambled eggs for breakfast.

Unfortunately, there were not many cycle paths today. Most roads weren’t too busy, although I had the occasional “moment”. I did get to run through a very nice forest, although it too was on a road, and not a path or trail.

I always know when there is a MacDonald’s nearby, as I start to see their packaging strewn along the road. I don’t know what it is that makes people think it’s OK to throw their MacDonald’s rubbish out the window. As there was nothing else we could find open on this Easter Monday, we ended up having MacDonald’s for lunch too, but our rubbish went in to the bin.

There was one town I ran through today, Abensberg, that had some very interesting architecture. Have a look at the photos to see what I mean.

The new shoes are doing well. Pity they can’t stay new forever!