Apr 10, 2013

Distance today = 52.63 km; Total distance = 19,278.83 km; Location = Dacice – 49 05.057′ N, 15 26.229′ E; Start time = 0822, Finish time = 1714


Today was marked by variable weather. It was cold at times, though the temperature reach the mythical double figures for a while. I’d forgotten just how hot 10C feels – well, it does when you’re running with three layers on.

It wasn’t just the temperature. The skies ranged from overcast to brilliant sunshine, to heavy rain, to hail, then back to bright sunshine. And all within the space of an hour or so.

I also reached what I think was the highest altitude I’ve been at since the Pyrenees, and there was a full ground cover of snow up there. The ponds and small lakes were completely frozen over too.

The highlight of the day was the town of Telc. It has a main square that looks as original as it must have two hundred years or more ago. The buildings are in exceptionally good condition, and create a beautiful sight for a weary world runner’s eyes. Have a look at the photos to see what I mean.