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Apr 11, 2014

OK, here’s my theory. When I stand for prolonged periods a muscle or muscles at the back of my knee and down my calf tighten up. This consequently places extra tension on where my Achilles attaches to the heel.

I believe the tear in the Achilles at the insertion point has been there since I injured it running 400 metres on the track in 2006. However, it’s generally not a problem. Unless, that is, the additional tension is there, resulting in the tear becoming inflamed. So long as the offending muscle remains tight, the issue will not go away.

I have had some relief recently when I massage or stretch the muscles at the back of the knee – instant “no pain”. I am working on getting those muscles lengthened and supple, which will hopefully cure the problem for good (in conjunction with the strengthening exercises and gradual increase in load as prescribed by the physio). Running around the world must have been a positive in regard to the muscle group I’m talking about. Stopping and standing around is clearly what’s bad for my health.

Anyway, I may be wrong or slightly off track. I still need further evidence before I can be sure.

As a result I ran 14 km this morning without too much soreness, despite running quite quickly for much of the time. I think the soreness is residual from last weeks damage when I stood up for five hours straight. It seems the pace is irrelevant.

It’s now just three weeks till the Oxfam 100 km event, so I will be attempting a long run (at least 30 km, maybe more) on Monday or Tuesday. That’s the next big test.


On This Day

Apr 11, 2012

Distance today = 56.21 km; Total distance = 4871.25 km; Location = Golden – 35 15.235′ N, 106 13.139′ W; Start time = 0829, Finish time = 1645


Pretty much uphill all day, but that’s the way I like it (so long as it’s not too steep). I am finding that my legs feel much better after a day of uphill than a day of downhill – so much less impact shock over the course of the day.

I spent the first part of the day running across and out of Albuquerque. I really love the architecture in this city. It’s a brilliant mix of Native American and Spanish influences, and is very aesthetically pleasing.

I forgot to mention yesterday that I ran into the city on the old Route 66 (until I got to the cycle path by the river). This road used to be an extension of the Santa Fe Trail for wagon trains, and prior to that it was the Camino Real (the Royal Road – the most northerly part of the Spanish road leading up from Mexico). It became part of Route 66 when cars came into vogue. However, in 1937, a new road to the east of Albuquerque took over as Route 66, and this was the road I ran out of Albuquerque on today. Wow, two different Route 66s in two days.

I also passed 3000 miles today, which represents more than one-sixth of my run. I have a few more milestones approaching in coming days.

I would also like to point out, in case you haven’t already visited it, the Travel Log section of the web site. It’s on the bottom left. The support crew have compiled this list of interesting venues. They are worth your consideration if you happen to be visiting, or are just plain worth reading about if you aren’t.


Apr 11, 2013

Distance today = 55.29 km; Total distance = 19,334.12 km; Location = Znojmo – 48 51.419′ N, 16 02.833′ E; Start time = 0809, Finish time = 1718


Another big day, and one in which I struggled with my energy levels for most of it. It was only during the last 10 km that I actually felt quite strong.

It wasn’t quite as hilly as the past few days, but still reasonably formidable. It’s good running country, even if the roads are not ideal. At least they were mostly quiet today. And it was about 20 degrees warmer than a few days ago. I was down to a single layer of clothing, and I even had to roll the sleeves up to prevent getting too hot.

I finished in the unusually named town of Znojmo (don’t ask me to pronounce it). All the indications are that it’s quite historic, although I’m not exactly sure of its history. If I find out why, I’ll report back in tomorrow’s blog.

Tomorrow I’ll be heading south into Austria. I’ll reach Vienna on Saturday. Unbelievably, I am writing this with the window open and no shirt on. What a difference a few days makes.