Apr 12, 2013

Distance today = 50.82 km; Total distance = 19,384.94 km; Location = Overmallebarn – 48 27.187′ N, 16 09.706′ E; Start time = 0822, Finish time = 1658


By the time I’d run 13 km today, I had reached my 12th country of the world run so far – Austria.  These days there are no border checks, but a quarter of a century ago I would have been figuratively running through the Iron Curtain. It’s much easier now.

The road, before and after the border, was not ideal for running. There was far too much traffic, but I don’t let it faze me anymore. As long as I’m making reasonable progress, I’m happy enough. An amusing highlight of the morning was passing a town called Windpassing.

After lunch, at the 35 km mark, I was able to get on to a much quieter road that paralleled the freeway. The rest of the day was quite pleasant.

We struggled with accommodation again. Apparently there is a major table tennis tournament on this weekend, along with the Vienna Marathon. I finished on the far outskirts of Vienna, but the shortage of accommodation even extends right out to here. We have found a hotel, but it has no internet. It looks like we’ll have to go down to the local McDonald’s to upload this blog. I am scheduled to run into Vienna tomorrow – it may be very hard finding accommodation.

As we’ll only be in Austria and Slovakia for a few days, we are going to use our Czech SIMs on roaming, which means there’ll be no data and, hence, no live tracker for the next few days. I am also having trouble getting the tracker to update in McDonald’s tonight. I’m sure it will be fine when I get a new SIM card.