Apr 17, 2023

I’m back running in Sydney now after two weeks in more exotic locations. That means back to a bit of faster stuff. On Friday I ran a relaxed 3 km in 13:33, and this morning an equally relaxed 3 x 400m with a 200m jog in between each. I averaged 89 secs for these 400m intervals. That’s way down on a session I did back in 1990 (25 x 400m with a 100m jog in between, averaging 73 secs), but that’s what an extra 33 years does to you.

Don’t forget to follow both Tony Mangan (https://www.facebook.com/tony.mangan.14) and Tim Franklin (https://www.instagram.com/timmyrfranklin/?hl=en) on their respective walks/runs around the world. I also saw this morning that Pat Farmer has set out on a run around Australia in worthy support of the ‘yes’ campaign regarding the referendum on an indigenous voice to parliament.  I’m sure you’ll see and hear a lot more about his run on Australian TV over the coming months.

I had a good chat with Pat last September at the event to welcome Lootie to Sydney at the end of her run around the world. I’m sure Pat is going to enjoy what will be his second lap of Australia, having also completed a similar endeavour a few decades ago.