Apr 2, 2013

Distance today = 50.65 km; Total distance = 18,868.24 km; Location = Karlstein – 49 09.279′ N, 12 11.178′ E; Start time = 0840, Finish time = 1738


It was a bit of a tough day, for a couple of reasons. Firstly, there was so much stop-start, due to a lot of minor roads and trails I was running on. When cycling paths parallel the roads for long distances, it’s very easy, but today entailed lots of turns and changes in direction. There were a myriad of possibilities to head the wrong way. I had to constantly stop to check where I was and where I was going, where Carmel was and how she could reach me, and where there might be accommodation and what that meant in terms of where I needed to finish my day. I found I just couldn’t get into a rhythm.

The early part of the day was pleasant enough. I was running along a trail next to the Donau River. I even gave my friend, Richard, a call via Skype on my phone – we had a chat from Bad Abbach in Germany to Gerringong in Australia.

Soon after, I caught up with Carmel. She had just been to the supermarket and had bought a new supply of bottled water for me – there are no taps along the road. That brings me to the second reason the day was tough. The problem was there were no markings on the bottles to indicate they were soda water. Soda water, with its high sodium content, is one of the worst things you can drink for endurance and stamina, especially if you’re on the road for hours at a time. But I decided I’d ignore this fact, and drank a reasonable quantity anyway. It didn’t take long for me to start feeling way below my best, struggling for many kilometres. Carmel found another supermarket and bought some pure water. When I met her next, I drank nearly two litres of this. Within half an hour, I was starting to feel much better.

On the flip side to the day, I’m enjoying some very pretty countryside in this region, and I’m looking forward to the next few days, as I make my way toward and into the Czech Republic.

Carmel’s wrist is benefiting greatly from the time away from the post-photo processing on the computer, so we’ve decided to give it another day of rest, hence, no photos today.

Just finally, if you have a look at the new video posted on the web site (from the Today Show), you will find me looking extremely haggard. I wasn’t feeling that bad, nor do I usually look that bad. I think I must have been sitting too close to the web cam – those fish-eye cameras don’t do you any favours.

PS I have deducted 40 metres from the Garmin data, as I backtracked to use the toilet at MacDonald’s in Regensburg, and forgot to turn off the Garmin.