Apr 20, 2020

As is usual, I started the week with a longish run that included a little bit of speed. Today it was 1 km in 3:45 and 200 metres in 36.0 secs. I was a little disappointed I didn’t push harder in the K, as I finished feeling I could have put a lot more into it. But I guess it saved me for the 200 metres.

I have three interesting videos on offer today. Two are from the Colorado Rockies, while the other is from the centre of Budapest. I recommend watching them if you have the time.

The photos are from the same regions, each at this time of year in 2012 and 2013, of course. In Hungary at the time we were travelling for several days with our friends, Jo and Dave and Sue and Greg (aka The Hud). As you can see, they feature heavily in the photos from this period.