Apr 22, 2013

Distance today = 51.46 km; Total distance = 19,819.19 km; Location = Kistelek – 46 30.314′ N, 19 57.948′ E; Start time = 0836, Finish time = 1652


Despite running on busy roads with little shoulder all day, I actually had a pretty enjoyable time out there. I did strike a good bike path, but it only lasted about 5 km.

It was the flattest day I can recall for some time. Perhaps there might have been a flatter one in Argentina, but it wouldn’t be by much. I hadn’t realised Hungary is so flat, at least where I’ve run. It is also very green and fertile, and reminds me visually of central NSW or northern Victoria. I often have to remind myself that I’m not on the Tour de Bois.

The low-light of the day was having a truck come past that was spraying herbicide on to the grass and weeds by the roadside. Although he stopped spraying as he passed me, there was still plenty of white vapour in the air for a few seconds, and it was difficult to avoid breathing it in. I can hold my breath for a while during running, but eventually I have to breath. I hope I didn’t get too much of it in my lungs. I know the driver, with his gas mask on, didn’t!!!