Apr 24, 2013

Distance today = 51.00 km; Total distance = 19,922.79 km; Location = Mali Beograd – 45 53.463′ N, 19 38.038′ E; Start time = 0827, Finish time = 1707


More lovely Serbian countryside today. The skies were again cloudless, and the terrain was flat. Once again, the countryside, with its yellow canola and bright green fields, reminded me uncannily of riding the Tour de Bois. I think its the smell of spring in the air too – it’s exactly the same time of year as the Tour.

I was pleased to knock over 51 km by 5 pm, as it was again a SIM card day, and that process tends to take a big chunk out of my day. Half way through the day I stopped in the large town of Subotica, where Carmel had gone ahead to “suss out” SIMs. The standard international carriers – Vodafone, T-Mobile, Orange etc. – don’t appear to operate in Serbia, so we had to go with a local company, MTS. After our experience in France with SFR, I was very concerned, but MTS seem to be fine.

It reached 30C this afternoon, but I appear to be handling the heat very well. I guess it’s because the humidity is still low. This will not be the case in a month, when I’m running in South-East Asia. Yes, it’s that soon!!!

Perhaps we’ve just been lucky so far, but I am tempted to say that the Serbian people – at least those we’ve experienced so far – have been the friendliest of any we’ve met so far on the world run. That’s saying something, as most people have been very friendly. Let’s see how that pans out over the next week or so.