Apr 25, 2013

Distance today = 50.37 km; Total distance = 19,973.16 km; Location = Sirig – 45 28.614′ N, 19 47.764′ E; Start time = 0827, Finish time = 1704


A very tough one today – I wasn’t 100%, suffering from mild stomach cramps, the roads were shocking, and the temperature reached 33C (91F).

I knew I was in for a hard day when I awoke feeling like I needed another few hours of sleep. Early on, I was constantly yawning on the road. Then the issue with the stomach started, although it was more of an annoyance than a problem.

The day got tougher as it heated up, and the roads did me no favours. The last part of the day was the worst. The heavy traffic and lack of shoulder to run on was as bad as it gets. I won’t go on anymore about it – you must be sick of hearing me complain about no road shoulders. Suffice to day, it’s days like this that make me feel I will have “earned my stripes” for this run around the world.

The hotel we’re staying in has no internet, so I’m writing this in a café down the road. I need a shower, so I’m going to sign off, but not before wishing everyone in Australia a Happy Anzac Day (although it’s a bit late now).