Apr 6, 2013

Distance today = 54.45 km; Total distance = 19,075.71 km; Location = Zebrak – 49 52.491′ N, 13 53.741′ E; Start time = 0835, Finish time = 1710


Each day I wake up, hoping to see the sun. Each day I’m disappointed. Surely it must happen eventually, I tell myself. Maybe tomorrow?

At least it was a little warmer today – a balmy 3C. I was even able to run without gloves during the afternoon. I believe it will continue to warm up, and may even crack double figures soon.

Early on I passed through the city of Plzen. As mentioned yesterday, this is the birth place of pilsener (pilsner) beer. I tried a local beer last night, and it really was delicious – honestly, better than beer I’ve tasted anywhere else. I was surprised it was so nice. Even Carmel liked it.

The city itself is very well preserved in the centre part. The buildings seem to have been done up and renovated, with a focus on colour. In fact, one thing I’ve noticed about Czech buildings is the range of bright colours, some with unusual patterns and styles. Even the old Communist era apartment blocks have been creatively coloured. In the parlance of a bygone era, they might have been described as “gaily painted buildings”. It definitely lifts the spirits, especially when the sky seems to be grey all the time.

I finished with a good distance of over 54 km, and am now only a day out of Prague. I’m looking forward to seeing this historic city.

Thanks to all those who have answered the call, and donated to Oxfam in the past couple of days. The dollar total is now, once again, higher than the kilometres.