Apr 8, 2013

Distance today = 50.71 km; Total distance = 19,174.14 km; Location = Benesov (6 km east of) – 49 45.289′ N, 14 45.913′ E; Start time = 0826, Finish time = 1647


Finally, I looked out the window this morning to find blue sunny skies. And, while I wouldn’t call it a warm day, it was certainly a lot warmer than recent days, especially this afternoon. It feels like spring is on its way.

I began with a run-by of the old town square and clock tower in Prague, and then headed out of the city. The run through the suburbs wasn’t as bad as I expected, and seemed to pass quite quickly. There was a long and gradual climb, and I finally got to look back and see the city nestled in its bowl, far behind me.

After that, the day continued to be very hilly, as I ran along the 603. I finished the day about 6 km east of the town of Benesov, where we’re staying in a very nice four star hotel called the Bellevue, with great staff.

A minor milestone – I finished the day with a total “lifetime” mileage (since I started keeping records in 1983) of 120,000 km.

Finally, I’d like to say thank you to a few people – to Veljko at the Hotel Residence Leon d’Oro in Prague, for organising free parking for us overnight. This is not an insignificant gesture, as parking costs are at a premium in the city. And also, a very big thanks to Kris and Ian Fraser for their heartfelt donation to Oxfam, on behalf of their father, Gene, a paraplegic for 35 years. I’m very thankful to everyone who donates to my charity of choice, but I feel that such a big donation, as was provided by Kris, Ian and Gene, deserves a special mention. Thanks again.

And I guess I’m a bit late for those in Australia, but a big birthday hello to all those we know with an April 8 birthday – Isobel T (21 today), Julie O, Xanthe F, Ruben M, Luke D-B, and a special hello to Roger S, Chairman of Next Digital, my generous sponsors. Sorry to anyone I may have forgotten.