Apr 8, 2015

Only two days till the Anzac Ultra. Well, actually, the 450 km race started on Monday and the 300 km race started about an hour ago. I might try one of those next time. But 150 km will do me this time around, as it will still be more than a marathon further than I’ve ever previously run in a single day.

I find I have to hold myself back from running too fast in these shorter runs I’m doing as I taper for the big race. I’m not used to feeling this fresh. I certainly never felt fresh during my run around the world.

Kevin Carr is due to finish his world run tomorrow (probably late on Thursday, UK time). He has put in a mighty effort over the past month or more, and must really be looking forward to a long rest. I hope he gets to enjoy the experience and isn’t too tired to take it all in.

Now, back to the Best Runs I’ve Done series. Today I’m choosing Monument Valley. This is an amazing region of mesas and buttes, formed through aeons of erosion. The area has featured numerous times in old western movies, but more recently as the place where Forrest Gump called it quits in the movie of the same name. There are so many places one could start and finish a run in Monument Valley, but a good choice of course, should you be interested, would be from the Arizona-Utah border, through to the town of Mexican Hat. Along the way you will run the long straight featured in Forrest Gump. And I’ve added a photo below of me pretending to be Forrest at that exact spot during my world run. The whole place is a simply spectacular location in which to run. If you ever get the chance, you will thoroughly enjoy it.

Pretending to be Forrest Gump


On This Day


Apr 8, 2012

Distance today = 52.88 km; Total distance = 4732.09 km; Location = San Ysidro, New Mexico (13 km west of) – 35 35.574′ N, 106 53.329′ W; Start time = 0841, Finish time = 1628


No great drama, but today was not one of my best. I just didn’t have a lot of energy and did it a bit tough during the third quarter, but I picked up as the day drew to a close.

A local Albuquerque news crew did some filming on the road just near the end, which helped to pass the time. We’ll try to get that footage posted within the next few days.

We’ve found a new way for the girls to support me during the days when there are no shops or service stations along the way. I decide on certain mile markers, and the support crew drive ahead and leave drinks and food at these pre-arranged locations for me to pick up as I pass by. This allows the girls to go ahead and arrange the accommodation for the day, without having to sit out on the road all day waiting for me. I have even worked out a way to “carry my empties”, as I won’t discard any rubbish while on the road. Apparently many others don’t think similarly, as the sides of the roads are veritable pig sties, with rubbish strewn everywhere. I refuse to follow suit, and arrive in with empty drink bottles tied to my running belt.

Once again, I had no tracker reception, so it is showing me in the same place as yesterday. Tomorrow will be different, as I know my destination has reception, but until then, refer to the Garmin link for my exact location.

On a lighter note, the girls made me wear Easter Bunny ears for the last little bit of today’s run. You can see how this looks in the photos.

And I was very surprised to hear that yesterday the Sunday Telegraph newspaper in Sydney featured a crossword puzzle in which I was one of the clues. This was definitely a first. Oh well, once again I am simply part of the question, and not the answer.


Apr 8, 2013

Distance today = 50.71 km; Total distance = 19,174.14 km; Location = Benesov, Czech Republic (6 km east of) – 49 45.289′ N, 14 45.913′ E; Start time = 0826, Finish time = 1647


Finally, I looked out the window this morning to find blue sunny skies. And, while I wouldn’t call it a warm day, it was certainly a lot warmer than recent days, especially this afternoon. It feels like spring is on its way.

I began with a run-by of the old town square and clock tower in Prague, and then headed out of the city. The run through the suburbs wasn’t as bad as I expected, and seemed to pass quite quickly. There was a long and gradual climb, and I finally got to look back and see the city nestled in its bowl, far behind me.

After that, the day continued to be very hilly, as I ran along the 603. I finished the day about 6 km east of the town of Benesov, where we’re staying in a very nice four star hotel called the Bellevue, with great staff.

A minor milestone – I finished the day with a total “lifetime” mileage (since I started keeping records in 1983) of 120,000 km.

Finally, I’d like to say thank you to a few people – to Veljko at the Hotel Residence Leon d’Oro in Prague, for organising free parking for us overnight. This is not an insignificant gesture, as parking costs are at a premium in the city. And also, a very big thanks to Kris and Ian Fraser for their heartfelt donation to Oxfam, on behalf of their father, Gene, a paraplegic for 35 years. I’m very thankful to everyone who donates to my charity of choice, but I feel that such a big donation, as was provided by Kris, Ian and Gene, deserves a special mention. Thanks again.

And I guess I’m a bit late for those in Australia, but a big birthday hello to all those we know with an April 8 birthday – Isobel T (21 today), Julie O, Xanthe F, Ruben M, Luke D-B, and a special hello to Roger S, Chairman of Next Digital, my generous sponsors. Sorry to anyone I may have forgotten.