Aug 1, 2015

I had my final longish run this morning ahead of next week’s City to Surf. It was only 20 km. I don’t want to overdo it, as I feel I’m bordering on over training rather than under training. Strangely, after feeling extremely sluggish on Wednesday and Thursday, my legs had plenty of zip yesterday. You just can’t pick it!!!

I had a nice lunch on Thursday with some of the people from Allen and Unwin, my book publisher. The feedback I’m getting about the book has been more positive than I expected, so if you haven’t already acquired a copy, please do so and let me know what you think.

Today’s world run photo is another from the Garden of the Gods, just west of Colorado Springs. Well worth a visit if you’re ever in that region.




On This Day


Aug 1, 2012

Distance today = 53.50 km; Total distance = 10,069.81 km; Location = Arab, Missouri (8 km south of) – 37 01.724′ N, 90 04.402′ W; Start time = 0853 Finish time = 1744



It was a tale of two half days. This morning was overcast and relatively cool, while the afternoon was hot, sunny, and extremely humid. Just another day I had to cope with.

Hannah ran 5 km with me this morning, which was great. She did end up with a sore hip flexor, so she obviously hasn’t been doing much running of late.

The first 15 km was on dirt roads. The rocks were very sharp and jagged, which I obviously didn’t like. Tomorrow involves quite a bit more dirt too – I’m not looking forward to it.

We saw an enormous amount of animals today, mostly alive, but there was a dead beaver. I hadn’t realised how big beavers can be. This one was the size of a wombat. However, it looked suspiciously like it may have been shot (rather than hit by a car). I hope my suspicions are not correct.

Some people have expressed a little concern about me running without a shirt. Don’t worry, I cover myself with sunscreen. It is virtually impossible to run in this humidity with a shirt that is completely soaked in sweat. It prevents my ability to dissipate heat. Running without a top is so much more comfortable.

I would like to mention someone I have told readers about before – Jesper Olsen. Jesper has just completed his second world run. He originally ran a west to east course in 2004/05, and since 2008 has been involved in a north to south run where he ran from Norway through the Middle East, and down to South Africa, then from the tip of South America to north-eastern Canada. It is a truly remarkable performance, and I’d like to congratulate him on successfully completing it. My other world runner friend, Tony Mangan, has just reached Argentina on his run. So far this year he has run from Columbia, through Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia, and is still going strongly.


Aug 1, 2013

Distance today = 52.14 km; Total distance = 24,095.20 km; Location = Kapunda, SA – 34 20.174’ S, 138 54.490′ E; Start time = 0816, Finish time = 1621


Another fantastic day of weather for running!!! The temperature was perfect, and it was sunny most of the day.

Quinny and Reefton dropped me at my start again, and Reefton ran the first 400 metres with me – the shortest distance of anyone so far. He’s a shadow of his former self, and is going to get walloped on the Tour de Bois this year.

I ran from the Clare Valley to the Barossa Valley, with several long hills between the valleys. The landscape was beautiful – lots of vineyards and farms, with sheep, cattle, wheat, soy beans, and canola.

After passing the 24,000 km mark yesterday, I finished the month of July with the highest monthly total of my life – 1,683 km.  That’s an average of 54.3 km per day.

Reefton and Sarita have headed back to Sydney now, and Bernie and Lesley have gone on ahead, so it’s now only Sue and Bob travelling with us – our smallest contingent for a while.

PS Last night I received a haircut in Clare from Michelle, who kindly donated the cost to Oxfam. Thanks Michelle.