Aug 11, 2017

We had a wonderful evening last night at the B&B of Laurence and Stephane in St Affrique. Not only is the building itself amazing, but so is the food they serve – most of the ingredients are grown organically on the property. I would recommend to anyone contemplating a holiday in the region to stay with Laurence and Stephane at Domaine du Vern. You can book through http://domaine-du-vern.com.

As for today, we rode 144.5 km from St Affrique to the small village of Montagnac, about 60 km west of Avignon. We had a pretty good day – the first half was mainly uphill (total climbing was 1,602 metres), and the second half was mainly downhill. And most of today’s course was part of my world run route. But that’s just about it as far as riding over the world run course is concerned, except for a brief section on Sunday.

The talking points of the day included getting a glimpse of the world’s tallest bridge at Millau, riding through a tunnel that was pitch black (luckily Peter had lights) and Dave having a crash. He’s OK, but has lost a bit of skin from his right knee. We also passed the 2,000 km mark today, in fifteen days of riding.

As you may have noticed, if you’ve been following our ride, we have three outfits – blue, green, and pink. When we ride together in the pink, we really stand out. So much so, we’ve been christened The Three Flamingoes. Today was a Three Flamingoes day. Tomorrow we’re back in blue.

For those who want to view today’s stats, here’s the link.


And here are a couple of photos I took in Soreze. Some of these buildings date back to the 8th Century.