Aug 14, 2017

After yesterday’s big climb of Mont Ventoux, we’ll taking it easy for a few days on the French Riviera. We’ll be having some short easy rides (today from Bedoin to Carpentras, tomorrow from Nice to Menton) until Thursday. Then we’ll start in earnest again when we re-enter Italy, with a ride from Menton to Savona.

I’m looking forward to swimming in the Mediterranean at Menton, just east of Monte Carlo. As some may recall, I was in Monte Carlo for work back in April. Tomorrow we’ll pass right by that same hotel that hosted the meeting.

Interestingly, when I went for a run this morning, my legs felt the best they have since the Big Red Run. And that was after a hard ascent of Mont Ventoux. It just shows, you never can tell when you’ll come good.

Here are a few more photos from little French villages. I am led to believe these buildings are close to a thousand years old.