Aug 19, 2018

Almost without exception, my posts on this site are about running. However, today I thought readers might like something a little different.

As many may recall, my mother died earlier this year. I wanted to do something a little special, so I wrote a song and sang it at her funeral. That’s all I expected of the song, but I was inundated by suggestions to record it. I put it off for a while, but eventually got around to the task, thanks to a couple of my old school mates, Paul and Hughie.

Several weeks ago I recorded the song in Paul’s home recording studio. Paul added the bass guitar and Hughie added the drums. Paul then professionally mixed and produced the recording. Besides the bass and drums, everything else – all vocals (lead and harmonies) and all other instruments – are sung and played by me, so you know who to blame if you don’t like it. Hopefully, though, you will like it.

You can listen to it by clicking on this YouTube link. It sounds much better if you listen to it through earphones or a proper sound system, which I strongly suggest you do.

Back to running next post.