Aug 19, 2022

I’ve had the third treatment on my heel and it seems to be showing an improvement. I won’t say too much just yet, as it will be a few weeks before the effectiveness of the treatment becomes more obvious.

World run memories from Victoria today, as I approached Melbourne. In fact, I’d reached Ballarat on this day in 2013.

And it’s less than two weeks till Lootie reaches Sydney. I will be there to greet her. More on that to come too.


Aug 16, 2013


Distance today = 57.31 km; Total distance = 24,882.97 km; Location = Mortlake – 38 04.714’ S, 142 48.585′ E; Start time = 0830, Finish time = 1704


It has been a very busy 24 hours. Last night, after arriving in Penshurst, we headed to the local football club, where they were having their weekly schnitzel night. Besides having dinner, I gave a talk about the run, and the locals kindly donated $265 to Oxfam.

I headed off towards Mortlake this morning, and soon after starting, I was joined by Clare, a local dairy farmer. She is also an avid trail runner. A little while later, her nephew and niece, Dougal and Olivia, joined us too. At the age of 9 and 7, respectively, they did very well to run 9 km with us. Their mother, Georgina, and grandparents, Bill and Trina, drove ahead and behind, so we had quite a contingent at the time.

Clare continued on with me after Caramut, till she reached her farm. She totalled 28 km with me. It was great to have her along for the day, despite the fact she is running another 50 km tomorrow with a friend of hers who is running around Port Phillip Bay. Thanks also to Bill and Trina for their donation to Oxfam.

About 5 km later, I received a call from my cousin, Karen. She and husband, Michael, are travelling in Victoria at the moment, and were just 15 km down the road. They drove out, and Karen ran the rest of the way into Mortlake with me. It was easy stuff for her, having previously been a medallist in the NSW marathon championships.

Karen and Michael are staying the night with us in Mortlake, so we should have a great evening. Michael is keen to see the Collingwood game, and I’d like to catch the Rabbitohs game. Hopefully the pub telecasts them both.


Aug 17, 2013


Distance today = 54.43 km; Total distance = 24,937.40 km; Location = Pomborneit – 38 17.240’ S, 143 18.013′ E; Start time = 0843, Finish time = 1654


Unfortunately, I have some sad news today – Carmel’s mother has passed away. Thankfully, Carmel had flown back to visit her, and was able to be with her mother for a few days prior to her passing last night.

Dulcie was 95 years old. She had lived a long and fruitful life, always doing the right thing, and never having a bad word to say about anyone. She will be sorely missed by the whole family.

I have dedicated today’s run to Dulcie. It was through countryside that was very similar to where she grew up, and I’m sure she would have enjoyed it. To Dulcie Breen!!!!

I started the day in cold conditions, running again with my cousin, Karen. She ran 16 km with me yesterday afternoon, and 21 km with me today, leaving late in the morning.

I continued on through Camperdown, where the weather started to take a turn for the worse. However, the squall didn’t last very long, and I was spared from getting too wet. Once again, however, the Garmin stopped working temporarily, while I was under the shop awnings in town. The missing distance has been added back in.

I passed the 95% mark this afternoon, so the end is approaching fast. In fact, there’s less than four weeks remaining now. And I’m very grateful to Michael for acting as my support crew while Carmel is away.


Aug 18, 2013


Distance today = 51.93 km; Total distance = 24,989.33 km; Location = Beeac – 38 09.773’ S, 143 37.958′ E; Start time = 0831, Finish time = 1617


Ever been hit in the face by 100 km per hour horizontal rain? It REALLY hurts!!! I had to turn my face away to protect my eyes, as they could have been seriously injured. The weather, at times, was as atrocious as anything I’ve experienced on the world run. It was one of those days of which I was pleased to see the end.

I passed through the town of Colac today. This place is of high significance to ultra runners, as it was Cliff Young’s home town. For those who don’t know the story, Cliff was an unknown, and unassuming, 61 year old, who entered the 1983 Sydney to Melbourne ultra marathon race.

All the best ultra runners in the world turned up for the race, taking off at a fast pace. Cliff was soon left behind in last place. Many people felt sorry for the “old bloke”, who appeared to be embarrassing himself.

However, the favourites soon started to fade, and half way through the race, Cliffy had steadily made his way into the lead. He wasn’t expected to stay there, once the experts got serious.

Cliffy, however, had other ideas, and simply kept running, with tens of thousands of people lining the streets into Melbourne, as he arrived in the lead. They cheered wildly as they watched a 61 year old, complete unknown, beat the best in the world. He had run the 870 km in less than six days.

I reckon any run around the world should include Colac on the itinerary. Current world record holder, Jesper Olsen, ran through Colac in 2005, and I have today, paying homage to the great Cliff Young.

On another note, thanks to all those who have expressed their condolences at the passing of Carmel’s mother. It’s much appreciated.


Aug 19, 2013


Distance today = 55.76 km; Total distance = 25,045.09 km; Location = Enfield – 37 45.109’ S, 143 47.155′ E; Start time = 0828, Finish time = 1703


It was quite an eventful day, with the morning marked by icy gale-force crosswinds, and the afternoon by hills and some light rain.

Early in the morning, I passed the 25,000 km mark for the world run. It was tough running, with the wind nearly blowing me over at times. The top temperature for the day was 8C, but the wind chill factor made it feel like it was below freezing.

Michael picked me up a meat pie and a Chiko Roll for lunch in the town of Rokewood, which I ate in the warmth of the car. Soon after, a very friendly black dog joined me. It wouldn’t go back to town, and often looked like it would run in front of the traffic. Luckily, Michael was able to distract it and lead it back to town in the car, while I sneaked away.

The road started to head up, and I am now in the high country around Ballarat. It’s even colder up here. In fact, today was easily the coldest day of the Australian leg so far.

Jeff has joined us again for a short stint, and will be running with me tomorrow. In the meantime, Michael continues to do a fantastic job as the support crew, in Carmel’s absence.

My sister, Linda, organised a fund raising afternoon for Oxfam on Saturday, and raised nearly $1,000. Many thanks to Linda, to all those who helped with the event, to the Unanderra Hotel, and to all the local Unanderra businesses who donated prizes for the raffle.