Aug 2, 2017

Today was probably our best ride to date. Starting in St Jacques de Blats at 1060 metres elevation, we flew down the mountain, reaching Aurillac, about 33 km away, in 43 minutes. From there it was on to Maurs for hot chocolate, then to Figeac for a magnificent lunch. I had a ‘tagliatelle avec fruits de mer’ (tagliatelle marinara). The seafood consisted of prawns, scallops, mussels, and two large local crayfish – sort of like a yabby or a WA marron. It was truly delicious.

We then pushed on for another 45 km to our finish for the day at Tour de Faure, just a couple of kilometres short of the historic St Cirq Lapopie. At 160 metres of elevation, it meant we had a net drop of 900 metres for the day.

The afternoon was extremely hot, with the temperature on the bike reaching 47 C. That was in the direct sunshine. It was in the high 30s in the shade. Tomorrow is a planned rest day and a chance to see the local historical sites. We’re now is the general region where the ancient Neanderthals did their cave paintings. I can see why they resided in this area. It’s quite stunning.

Below is the link to the Garmin data. The day’s total of 140 km included 848 metres of climbing, bringing the eight day total to 1024 km and 12,821 metres (more than 42,000 feet) of ascent.