Aug 21, 2017

After 310 km in two days, I’m really enjoying a rest today. It’s also been useful in terms of getting various odds and ends done. Tomorrow we head north towards the Dolomites.

I had a longer run this morning along the river in Verona. There must have been a lot of rain upstream, as the river is a torrent, virtually in flood.

As has been the case most days in recent months, I had a little bit of Achilles soreness in my right heel. I developed this even before the Big Red Run, but it went away during that race, coming back about a week later.

It’s entirely non-intuitive, but doing lots of running causes the problem to abate. Resting brings it on. I’ve described why this weird effect occurs in the past, so I won’t do it again. Suffice to say that, once I return to Australia, I’ll be upping the running, which should cause the soreness to go away. I know – really weird.

You may be interested in the link below. It refers to various long distance journey runs and walks, and features myself and Tony Mangan, among others.