Aug 23, 2021

Today’s time trial was over 2 km, which I covered in 7:40 (3:53, and 3:47). I intend to do a few longer time trials over the coming weeks to increase my stamina and set some benchmarks that I can improve against.

We’re back into the world run blog posts now, with the three below from Tennessee and Mississippi. It was a period when numerous dogs wanted to join me. Expect to see some photos of these occasions over the coming posts (there’s one below). And the video below is from our night in Memphis, enjoying the live music scene.


Aug 21, 2012


Distance today = 39.53 km; Total distance = 10,370.92 km; Location = Olive Branch – 34 55.752′ N, 89 47.712′ W; Start time = 0923 Finish time = 1541


Another shorter day as I ease back into it – tomorrow I will get back to full length days.

But before I write about today’s run, let’s revisit last night. As mentioned yesterday, a local running group in Memphis, the Breakaway Runners, kindly provided the accommodation for last night, and we met with many of them in a local bar after their Monday night run. Matt, Barry, Brian, Becky, Jessica, Michael, Miles, and many others were great company as we talked about running and all manner of other topics. After dinner we headed down to Beale Street, the heart of the live music scene in Memphis – definitely worth checking out if you’re here.

The running group is a based around Breakaway Running, a Memphis running shop owned by Barry. I popped into the shop this morning on my way out of town. If you’re a runner and passing through Memphis, you must drop in, say hello, and pick up any running products you might need. It’s a top notch establishment, with much more knowledge on the floor than the chain athletic shoe shops. Thanks Barry and Matt, for the great company, accommodation, and running tops.

On my way out of Memphis, I accidentally stumbled upon one of the great iconic music locations – Sun Studios. This is where Elvis Presley recorded his very first song in 1954. It’s a small understated building that has since been the location for recordings by many of the world’s greatest bands and artists.

Later I ran across the border from Tennessee into Mississippi, my 16th US state of the trip. That means I have run in three states in the past 24 hours. It was also one of those days when I crossed both a meridian and a parallel (35N and 90W). While I am a bit sore, it’s actually not as bad as last time – I’m feeling pretty good.


Aug 22, 2012


Distance today = 45.34 km; Total distance = 10,416.26 km; Location = Holly Springs (7 km east of) – 34 43.065′ N, 89 24.584′ W; Start time = 0929 Finish time = 1657


I awoke this morning feeling like crap. Not sure why, but I did have a very bad night of sleep. I was very low on energy right from the beginning of the run, but was pleased to get through 45 km. It was a bit less than I’d have liked, but the late start to the day and the way I was feeling made it a sensible decision.

The landscape here in Mississippi is different again. I am encountering lots of gently rolling hills, lush forests, and significantly less roadkill. I am not sure if this latter fact is due to a lower density of wildlife, or if it’s just smarter wildlife?

I’m looking forward to a good night of sleep and, hopefully, a much better day tomorrow. It’s heating up again, but the humidity is, thankfully, staying low.


Aug 23, 2012


Distance today = 50.01 km; Total distance = 10,466.27 km; Location = New Albany – 34 28.987′ N, 89 00.062′ W; Start time = 0930 Finish time = 1728


After a good night’s sleep, I felt much better today, and managed to get back to my 50 km standard. It was a fairly uneventful day. The temperature reached 34C in the shade, which is pretty comfortable compared to recent weeks.

For those who check my Garmin link, you will have noticed that there is now also a temperature graph. This is because I have ditched the Garmin watches in favour of the top-of-the-range Garmin cycling computer, which I carry in my hand or in a pouch. It is much more sturdy, has a much longer battery life, is much easier to upload data from, is easier to recharge, and has extra functionality, such as the thermometer.

I haven’t done the calcs as yet, but I felt I should mention a candidate for the RWVQ. I have forgotten its name (we had a few bottles a couple of weeks back), but it was a merlot that cost $2.37 per bottle. I rated it a 6/10 – not a great score under normal circumstances, but exceptional for the price.