Aug 25, 2013

Distance today = 57.21 km; Total distance = 25,358.05 km; Location = Tatura East – 36 26.284’ S, 145 18.824′ E; Start time = 0815, Finish time = 1701


It was a very big day for Dave, breaking Eric’s month old record for the greatest distance run with me in a day. He covered 57 km, which is easily his biggest day of running ever.

The first part of the day was run with Jeff, who was with us for 13 km before Guen picked him up and they headed back to Melbourne. That brings his total to 131 km, putting him comfortably in third place in the Aggregate category. We’ll next see Jeff and Guen on the final day of the run into Sydney.

Lunch was in the town of Murchison, which I last visited in 2007 on the Tour de Bois. There’s a great bakery in Murchison, and we made good use of it.

From there, it was on to Tatura, on a busy and very straight road. My last visit to this town was only two years ago, when I did a big run as part of my training for the current challenge.

Today marked nine years since I’ve had a day off from running. Admittedly, there have been a few very short days of a kilometre or two, but I have managed to average 19.3 km per day over those nine years. I’m sure that sort of consistency is what has allowed me to manage the world run as well as I have.

Anyhow, congratulations to Dave. Today also took him to a total of 209 km, within striking range of Chook’s 272 km in the Aggregate category.

The Hud will be running with me next Thursday. Will he annihilate Dave’s efforts to win the Single Day category, just as Dave has annihilated Eric’s efforts, and as Eric did to Chook before him? We will know soon enough.