Aug 30, 2018

This day five years ago was a big one. As many readers will recall, there was a bit of a competition going on among the Tour de Bois to see who could run the furthest with me in a single day. Previous holders of the record included Chook (37 km), Dave (39), Chook (55), Eric (56), and, by this stage, Dave again with 57 km. But then the Hud turned up.

Hud and Sue met us in Albury and the Hud was ready for action. We started the day running the back way to Gerogery, then along the highway to Culcairn. We hadn’t quite passed Dave’s record of 57 km by that stage, so we then headed east towards the little town of Morven. When we finally hit 58 km I let the Hud know he had broken the record and could now stop, but he requested we go further – he wanted to make it to 60 km. We duly added another 2 km. The Hud’s record stood unchallenged after that. But, not only that, he also ran with me the whole of the following day, chalking up another 51 km. What a feat!

Below are some photos from that memorable day, including one of us signifying Hud’s 60 km. And, by the way, I notched up a 3:33 kilometre this morning, my fastest for some time.