Aug 4, 2017

If you’re ever contemplating a cycling experience in France, you’d be hard pressed to go past the Lot River Valley. We rode down this valley for 85 km from St Cirq Lapopie this morning, before heading away from the river and up to Bergerac during the afternoon.

We began with a unique road beneath an overhang of rock right alongside the river. You can see a photo of this below. After a quick breakfast stop, we cycled on to Cahors, where we discovered a wonderful old bridge (see the other photo below). After leaving the river, we then stumbled upon the great little town of Monflanquin, before running into the girls in the town square of Villereal at lunch time. They’d taken a different route but, as sometimes happens, our courses coincided. That left a simple 31 km to ride after lunch to our hotel in Bergerac.

It was a long day of 150 km, with 1046 metres of climbing, but it didn’t feel that long. The easy riding alongside the Lot River in the morning caused the time and distance to pass quickly. Tomorrow we head on to the interestingly named town of Condom.

Here’s today’s Garmin link. Don’t forget to view the data below the map “Over Distance” and not “Over Time”.