Aug 6, 2014

My left Achilles is hurting quite a lot after a hard week. This is not surprising. In fact, I knew it would get worse. I’m just glad the problem came on so close to the City to Surf.

If I’d contracted the injury a month or more ago, I would have had to abort my training program. Instead, I can now relax and let the Achilles improve a little before Sunday. It will be sore after that, but I can then give it the full rest it will need.

I’d like to reiterate, it’s a completely different injury to the previous problem I had with the left Achilles. That issue was at the attachment point to the heel. The current problem is due to too much speed work in new and stiffer soled shoes.

It’s further up the Achilles on the cylindrical part of the tendon. It’s a very standard injury, and one I’ve had many times in the past. The fact it came on so quickly means it will clear up fairly quickly with the right treatment, so I’m not worried or expecting to have to stop running completely. I just need to go easy for a couple of weeks after the race.


On This Day


Aug 6, 2012

Distance today = 26.03 km; Total distance = 10,301.50 km; Location = Jericho, Arkansas – 35 16.889′ N, 90 13.502′ W; Start time = 0753 Finish time = 1129


Sorry for the late report. I had a planned short day and then headed off to Graceland. I have also planned a couple of rest days, as I have various things to organize, including arranging a teleconference for the Tour de Bois AGM. More on the Tour de Bois in a later blog.

Today was Hannah’s last day with us. We saw her off at Memphis Airport. It was great to have her as part of the journey, even if it was for just a very quick nine days.

Due to the rest, I will recommence the reports shortly when I start running again. Stay tuned.


Aug 6, 2013

Distance today = 56.42 km; Total distance = 24,349.96 km; Location = Coonalpyn, SA (8 km north of) – 35 38.089’ S, 139 49.363′ E; Start time = 0822, Finish time = 1631


A lot of main road running today, as I headed south-east along the Duke’s Highway. It’s a stretch of road I cycled three years ago with the Tour de Bois. It’s not the most inspiring road I’ve run on, but it’s always nice to re-live a day from the Tour.

The day began with a tailwind, which helped me to set a good pace for most of the day. It was still slow compared to what most runners run at, but it was quick by my recent standards. By late in the afternoon, the breeze had become a headwind, which I hope will not persist into tomorrow.

I finished with a solid 56 km, feeling fine, but still with some residual soreness in my quads. This should pass by tomorrow.