Aug 6, 2019

Yesterday I ran a kilometre in 3:46 – the easiest quick kilometre I’ve run in a long while. It was really very comfortable, despite so little fast work of late. My left calf did give me some twinges earlier in the run, but I felt nothing when running fast. I sense my cardiovascular fitness is much higher now than it has been for while, which can actually cause some issues – you end up running more intensely than your leg muscles can sustain, which could be while I’m feeling tightness in my calf.

For those who might be interested in investing in a world leading wave energy technology – the one I’m involved with, of course – please visit the following link. Our project on King Island is about to begin construction and indications are the technology will ultimately be a meaningful contributor to the world’s energy mix – Wave Swell Energy

Today’s photos are a little more eclectic and obtuse than usual. From Hannah displaying a smoked salmon salad she’d made me for lunch, to a row of birds on a wire that I ran under; from crossing the state line from Missouri into Arkansas, to the wounds I suffered when I had a fall in the town of Kennett (Sheryl Crow’s home town); and the bare chested running that was necessary in the extreme heat – it’s a varied mix of photos.