Aug 9, 2019

I’m pleased with how my basic running pace has increased in recent months. Without trying, I find I’m running faster. I only know this from my Garmin data.

The left calf tightness has now subsided and I’m having no issues at all. I want to make sure I don’t suffer the same sort of niggling lower leg injuries that have plagued me over the past few summers. I suspect these have been due to the inevitable extra few kilos I seem to put on during summer. I’ll try extra hard this coming summer to keep my weight stable.

Once again, if you have any interest in the wave energy sector, please feel free to visit here and consider an investment.

Seven years ago Carmel and I had to leave the US briefly to renew our visa waivers, so we went back to Australia for a few days before resuming my run around the world. I stopped just west of Memphis, where we said goodbye to Hannah, before recommencing at the same spot a week or so later. While back in Australia I made an appearance on the Today Show. There’s a photo with Cameron Williams from that occasion below, along with some other photos from when I was running in Arkansas.