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Oct 25, 2021

The video below was produced by Carmel as I neared the end of the North American leg of my run around the world. I thought readers might enjoy it as a summary of the run to that point. And there …Continue reading

Oct 22, 2021

Another video today from New York City, this time as I ran down Broadway through Times Square. The next day it was up through Connecticut as I headed toward the end of the North American leg near Boston. Check out …Continue reading

Oct 19, 2021

Today’s world run throwback is to when I was running from Princeton to New York City. The video below is from an appearance on Good Day New York. Once again, there is an incorrect reference to the world record being …Continue reading

Oct 15, 2021

Still taking it relatively easy in my daily running. That said, I’ve clocked up 100 km or more every week so far this year. It’s just the intensity that I’ve eased off in recent weeks. The world run memories today …Continue reading

Oct 11, 2021

On this day in 2012 I crossed back from New York State into Pennsylvania during my run around the world. It only took me four days on this occasion to cross the state before I reached New Jersey. I hope …Continue reading

Oct 8, 2021

No fast running today. I’m going to have a bit of a rest, like letting a field have some fallow time. It will help with a few little niggles too. The world run photos and video for today are spectacular. …Continue reading

Oct 4, 2021

Not much to report today. My fast effort consisted of a few kms of “sprint the straights, jog the bends”, followed by a comfortable 1 km in 3:51. The world run posts and photos are from upper NY state, from …Continue reading

Oct 1, 2021

A more relaxed session today, in which I ran on the track, doing 100 metres fast, followed by 100 metres slowly. I logged about 3.5 km of this routine. Not as intense as a time trial, but I think it’s …Continue reading

Sep 27, 2021

Just like every year for the past eight or so, I’m feeling a pain in my heel around Sept/Oct. In the past I’ve tried resting it, but it just got worse, eventually disappearing around February of each new year. This …Continue reading

Sep 24, 2021

I tried another 1500 metre time trial this morning, but only managed to go one second faster than on Monday – 5:34. I feel quite ‘body tired’. I think I might need a bit of a rest. I’ve been doing …Continue reading