Jul 2, 2020

I knocked over a 3:30 kilometre this morning. Although not my fastest in recent years, I was happy given I hadn’t been feeling great on the road this week. And it felt easier than in past weeks. I’ve actually now …Continue reading

Jun 29, 2020

Not much to report today. I intended to do another time trial or sprint session, but my legs felt atrocious this morning. They were heavy and my muscles even ached as I ran. And that was after a particularly easy …Continue reading

Jun 26, 2020

Only a 3:29 kilometre yesterday. I just didn’t have what was required on the day to beat my 3:27 from last week. And it wasn’t helped by a stiff headwind in the back straight. But you can’t run faster every …Continue reading

Jun 24, 2020

Another 8 x 100 metre session on Monday should see me well placed for a good 1 km time trial tomorrow. I’ll let you know how I go in my next post. And I have another three videos for you …Continue reading

Jun 21, 2020

Another 125 km covered this week, including my fastest 1 km in five years. I have to be happy with that. All the same, I sense I’m going to need an easier week some time soon. Perhaps an easy few …Continue reading