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Sep 30, 2022

Just a quick update on my heel – I’m back to running up to an hour, but I still have my good and bad days. Sometimes it feels like it’s not getting better at all, and other days it’s the …Continue reading

Sep 26, 2022

Below is the second in a series of running articles I wrote a few years ago for an online magazine. I hope readers who are also runners may get something useful out of these articles.   When to run: morning …Continue reading

Sep 19, 2022

Now that the reliving of my world run in these blog posts is over, I’m going to post a weekly running article. I wrote these back in 2015 but they’re just as current today. Hopefully readers will get something positive …Continue reading

Sep 16, 2022

On Tuesday it was nine years since I finished my run around the world. There are a couple of videos below from that day, along with the blog post and photos. I hope regular readers have enjoyed the reliving of …Continue reading

Sep 12, 2022

Almost at the end of the reliving on my world run. In fact, it was nine years ago tomorrow that I finished. You can read about the lead up to that day in the past blog posts below.   Sep …Continue reading

Sep 9, 2022

The past world run posts from 2013 are getting closer to the end. Today sees me reaching the Pacific Ocean again, with just a little over a hundred kilometres to go to end at the Sydney Opera House. It was …Continue reading

Sep 5, 2022

My world run historical posts will be coming to and end soon. Like Lootie recently, my run finished at the Sydney Opera House on Sept 13, 2013, so there will only be a few more posts reliving the run in …Continue reading

Sep 2, 2022

On Wednesday night I attended a great function for Lootie at the Tattersalls Club in Sydney, which was organised by the French Consulate. Lootie had finished her crossing of Australia at the Sydney Opera House the day before, where I …Continue reading

Aug 29, 2022

I’m looking forward to meeting Lo0tie tomorrow when she arrives in Sydney to (almost) finish her world run. I say ‘almost’, as she will still be doing a small amount of running in NZ to satisfy the antipodal requirements according …Continue reading

Aug 26, 2022

Yesterday was the 18th anniversary of my last day off from running. I have run every day since Aug 25, 2004, or 6,574 days in a row. I’ve been contemplating bringing that unbroken streak to an end, if that’s what’s …Continue reading