Oct 11, 2019

Autumn is a great time to be running in the north east of the US. Seven years ago today I crossed from New York State into Pennsylvania, this time over toward the east (I’d previously passed through Pennsylvania in the …Continue reading

Oct 8, 2019

Yesterday I ran another ‘ladder’ speed work session, with a short 100 metre jog between each sprint. Although I felt very heavy in the legs during my warmup, I was pretty pleased with the times – 400m (82 sec), 300m …Continue reading

Oct 5, 2019

I was running along side the Erie Canal on this day in 2012. There’s a video link below in which I point out a few facts about the canal. As you can see, it’s not particularly wide, but served its …Continue reading

Oct 2, 2019

I did a 3 km time trial on Monday, on a street course I’ve run many times in the past. I managed to stop the clock in 11:59 (4:05, 4:08, 3:46). I was very comfortable through the first two Ks, …Continue reading

Sep 29, 2019

By this time in 2012 I had reached Lake Erie, the third of the Great Lakes I was to run by (I only ended up missing out on Lake Huron). In fact, on this date I crossed from Pennsylvania to …Continue reading