Sep 15, 2019

I ran down to Centennial Park this morning to watch the Sydney Marathon. I saw the leaders – a couple of Africans – pass the 19 km marker in 63 minutes. I’ve just looked up the results, and the winner …Continue reading

Sep 9, 2019

This morning I ran the same simple speed work session as I did two weeks ago. At 46 .2 seconds, I was three seconds faster up the hill (210 metres at 10% gradient), and I averaged about a second faster …Continue reading

Sep 6, 2019

I was running through the forests of Kentucky seven years ago. There, and West Virginia, were the closest I got to traditional hillbilly country. Below are some photos and a video of the time. The video was filmed just 10 …Continue reading

Sep 3, 2019

Yesterday I ran a lap of Centennial Park – my first since May 13. I’d decided to run it relatively easily, and would have been happy with a time under 17 minutes. I started comfortably, but at my first checkpoint …Continue reading

Aug 31, 2019

It was seven years ago that I reached Nashville, Tennessee, on my run around the world. I’d had a tough run into the city from the south that day, with no shoulder at all on a busy road. And, by …Continue reading