Dec 10, 2014

I had a great run this morning, and have now covered 50 km in the first three days of this week. I’m even able to run uphill on my toes, a great improvement on even a couple of weeks ago, and the pace is getting faster too.

This morning I received the manuscript back from the publisher. I will now be involved in the review process for the next month. I also believe the book is now scheduled for release in July of next year, not August as previously stated.

Kevin Carr has now run out of Wisconsin and is currently in Illinois. He’s had several good days in a row, and has about 6,400 km to run in 120 or so days.

Today’s memorable race from the past is an 800 metres on the track that I ran in December 1984. It was Interclub and I was very keen to break two minutes for the first time. I passed the first 400 metres in 59 seconds, sitting in 4th place. By the 600 metre mark, where I usually felt quite bad, I was surprised at the spring in my legs. I moved into 3rd on the turn, before exploding and forcing my way between the front runners in the straight to win in 2:00.86. I was pleased to win, but disappointed I didn’t crack the magical two minute barrier. It was also probably the most comfortable 800 metre race I ever ran, but there was no way I couldn’t have sprinted any faster in the home straight.